Sri Lakshmi Devi Charities

(Reg No. 23/2013)

 Sri Lakshmi Devi Charities

Sri Lakshmi Devi Charities


We the board of trustees welcomes you to Sri Lakshmi Devi Charities website and we hope this will serve as a communication tool for our members.  

We have the opinion that our members should use our web site extensively for comments, grievance, suggestions for mobilization of funds & improvements; accordingly it is proposed that in future we should discourage all paper communications 


It is considered that space on our web site may be leased for advertisement  and the proceeds may be financed for objects of the trust, further in this direction we request the members to solicit advertisements. 


Automatic SMS facility from our web site will be activated shortly, members are requested to contact the trustees and provide their mobile phone numbers to facilitate this convenience

Members are requested to send the monthly subscription of Rs.100/- to mailing address by crossed cheque in favor of ‘Sri Lakshmi devi charities’ or may directly deposit It in Trust Bank account under receipt.

Our Trustees are in discussion with other kulam member Viz, Jaghadhevi & Pushpal kulam towards purchase of land altogether jointly, further as other option considering taking land on long term lease with HR&CE Department, Government of Tamilnadu. The developments will be kept informed to all members and we are in the process of concession with other counterparts.

New membership enrolment process is in progress please feel free to contact us and become a part of community.

We thank all, who have put their effort, time & support for the annual pooja function held on 26/09/2014 and made it an auspicious, happy event

Our trustees extend their festival greetings to all. Your prayers and blessings of our kuladheivam will ensure, your child is educated, healthy and has access to life’s essentials.




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